Rock Salt grit NI - winter supllies
Advice on dealing with severe snow
Rock Salt for winter gritting which is mined at the Belfast Lough comes from the triassic period, 220 million
year old salt, left by the evaporation of a saltwater sea under a desert sun.

De-icing or gritting salt is formed from crushed rock salt which is brownish in colour, much like coarse brown

The rock salt mined in Northern Ireland comes from a huge, cavernous mine which stretches
30 miles under the Belfast Lough and surrounding countryside up to 1,200 ft under the surface.
The Carrickfergus mine extracts up to half a million tonnes of rock salt every year

The seam is part of a rock salt bed stretching to Russia. It was discovered in the 1800s as
miners searched for coal deposits.

Buy winter gritting rock salt grit and it is delivered straight from the rock salt mines to you.
It is natures ideal solution to keeping roads ice clear in winter.
irish rock salt
Advice in dealing with severe snow conditions
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Rock Salt Grit

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Rock Salt Grit
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Snow, Salt, the Law and You
Much was made in Winter 2010/11 about the liability of someone who clears snow from a  
pathway where someone later slips and falls. So much so that the Government intervened  

"it is extremely unlikely that someone who has attempted to clear snow in a careful  
manner will be sued or held legally responsible if someone slips or falls on their property."  

"people walking on snow and ice have responsibility to be careful themselves."

It is advised that the importance is placed on not making the area more hazardous than  
before - i.e by using hot water to clear ice or snow which will later re-freeze creating black ice  
- always use salt or, preferably, grit.

Business owners do not have the same choice as owners of private residential properties  
where they may choose whether to clear snow or ice from their property.

There is a clear duty of care to the customer placed on the operator of the business to clear  
the publicly accessible areas of their premises. It is more likely that a business will be held  
responsible for a slip on ice or snow where it is perceivable that they would have known of the  
hazard and done nothing about it.

Occupiers' Liability Act 1957;
Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 1978 (HSWO)
Direct Gov government advice on clearing snow and ice
Rock Salt Grit
Rock Salt Grit is locally mined in Northern Ireland,
brown salt,
the natural choice - 25kg bags, 1 ton pallets (40

White Salt is available in 25kg or 1 ton bags or
(This is an imported clean salt based formulation with no added
grit or sand )

Non-salt de-icer available in 25kg drums - lower
melting point
(Calcium Chloride formulation). No Mess, Acts Fast, Safe To

All with free delivery * minimum order quantity may apply
more info on salt and non-salt ice thaws >

Salt / Grit / De-Icers

Available in Yellow, Green, Black or Victorian
Style (black with gold trim)

Single skinned grit containers
Standard lid for top load and empty
Available with front hatch
200kg, 250kg, 400kg, 450kgs Capacity
Lockable grit boxes

more information on grit bins >

Grit Bins   /  Salt Bins  /  Salt Boxes  /  Grit Boxes

Grit Spreaders

Salt and Grit spreaders available with 22kg, 45kg
and 59 kg capacity

High quality spreaders suitable for

Makes road and path gritting easy, quick and

Ensures an even spread of salt to avoid clumping.

grit spreaders info >
Snow plough

Pedestrian Snow Ploughs, Scoops and Shovels

Pedestrian wheeled snow ploughs make moving
snow easy.

Wheeled snow movers with fixed or bi-directional

It is always advised to clear areas of snow
before laying down any grit or salt for best effect
Winter weather outlook 2013-2014
All the research is pointing to a very cold winter, indicated by some major

Daily Express www.express.co.uk
Worst winter for decades: Record-breaking snow predicted for November

Daily Mail www.dailymail.co.uk
Brace yourselves for a freezing winter.

MetCheck UK www.metcheck.com
Winter 2013 - Another Beast

Exacta Weather youtube.com/exacta
Another "Big Freeze Horror Winter" 2013/14 + Huge Snow Amounts

Long range forecasts aren't always exact, but winter is coming, that much
is sure.
Be Prepared !
Salt Whizzard - Salt & Grit Spreader
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