Biodrier Business 2

Biodrier 'business 2' Hand Dryer

Biodrier 'Business' Hand Dryer
The Biodrier Business2 creates a jet airflow that will  
dry your hands within 10 seconds. It also adopts CPU  
technology with a wide LED display. A concealed  
switch allows you set the unit at two heat levels  
1600 watts (heater on) and 800 watts (heater off)  
and is fitted with Antibacterial filter and Air  
Freshener as standard.

Brush-Less Motor

The Biodrier Business2 is based on a simple yet  
powerful idea - Using the heat from its own motor to  
provide the warm air used to dry the userís hands,  
along with an optional heating element.

The brush-less motor saves energy as it consumes  
only 800 watts of power. This means it uses much  
less power than conventional hot air hand dryers,  
saving you money and reducing your carbon footprint.

Like most new generation hand dryers, it collects  
water in an easy to empty reservoir underneath the  
hand dryer.

The Biodrier Business is very quiet, economical,  
quick, ergonomically designed, stylish and elegant  
and easy on the pocket.

This product has a 5 year warranty :  

1 year labour and parts on-site (UK inc N.Ireland)
4 years parts
Biodrier 'Business' Hand Dryer information box
Biodrier 'Business' Hand Dryer - tech specs
Biodrier 'business 2', is the newest model of the popular low energy, high speed hand dryer.

The Biodrier business 2 is a recent addition to the range of 'hands-in' new generation hand dryers. Its low power consumption (with heat off) is only 800 Watts. With heat it is 1600 W and has a quick drying time of approx 15 seconds make it a popular choice for style, speed and environment.

The Business2 has an antibacterial filter and air freshener as standard.
h650 x w292 x d250(mm)
220-240V, 50Hz
3.5A @ 230V (800W)
Approx 11-15 seconds
35000 rpm
79dB at 1metre

5 Year Warranty *
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BioDrier Business2 Specifications:

Dimensions :
Electricity Supply : 
Current Consumption :
Nominal Output  :
Drying Time :

Motor Speed :
Noise Level :
Standby Power :

Warranty :
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