Steriloo Air Steriliser

Steriloo Air Steriliser - 'Odour problem ... No problem'

STERILOO's new generation represents a scientific breakthrough in odour control.  
STERILOO technology remains one of the most effective and cost efficient methods of  
eliminating unpleasant odours in toilets and public washrooms in hotels and  
restaurants, offices and factories, universities, schools and public buildings, airports,  
shopping malls and hospitals  - indeed any public washroom or other problematic area.

While our customers - both in Northern Ireland, Southern Ireland, the UK and  
internationally - have been very satisfied with the original STERILOO in recent years,  
the new generation STERILOO range reflects the sophistication, performance and styling  
that our customers now expect.

The STERILOO™ odour controller works by creating ozone from oxygen in the air. This is  
achieved by passing air through a corona discharge field generated by high voltage  
tubes. The ozone created is a very powerful oxidant and bactericide which attacks  
organic molecules in the air. Osmogens (odour-producing molecules) are oxidised into  
water vapour and other harmless compounds and airborne bacteria are destroyed by the  
breaking down of the proteinaceous structure of the micro-organism. If there is nothing  
to oxidise,  the third atom will detach itself and decompose back to oxygen. Ozone has  
a half life of about 20 minutes in pure water and 35 minutes in air.
- Stylish design from award winning international designer.

- Attractive casing in ozone resistant 'Lexan' Polycarbonate or
bright, clean, satin stainless steel

- 3 Position output selector switch **

- Automatic timer controller fan for better dispersion **

- Automatic 'Service' indicator PCB **

* Stainless Steel versions mk3 and mk4

** Polycarbonate models 1485 and 1425b

Steriloo air sterilisers should be serviced on an annual basis by
a qualified competent person. Servicing and repair including
replacement parts for all models, including older style mk1 and
mk2 machines.
Steriloo mk3
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