Rock Salt Grit

Ice Melt Rock Salt Grit

Rock Salt Grit, Salt-based Ice Melt, Non Salt De-icer

Rock Salt is the most natural form of ice melt. Delivered straight from the  
mines under Belfast Lough to you. This is what your see being used every year  
for gritting the roads although we supply a finer grade than used by Roads  
Grit's brownish colour and fine, gravel-like consistency is very effective at  
melting ice and providing grip on slippery roads.

Rock Salt Grit is preferred for providing better traction under-foot and under  
the wheels of vehicles.

Available in 25kg bags. Low single bag prices or pallet quantities (1 ton - 40 x  
25kg bags).
Free delivery - minimum order quantity may apply depending on location

Rock Salt Grit  /  Road Salt  /  Road Grit  / 
Gritting Salt

White Salt Ice Melt
Non-Salt Synthetic Ice Melt

How does salt work for
melting ice ?

Why does salt melt ice?  

Salt lowers the melting/freezing point of ice. Normally the point of ice melting is  
at 0oC (32F). A 10% salt solution lowers the melting point of ice to -6oC and a  
20% salt solutions lowers the ice melting point to -16oC
White salt ice melt de-icer is a clean white salt used for scattering on pathways,  
roads, playgrounds etc. Our white salt is a marine salt and is imported from  

Our European white salt de-icer is cleaner than rock salt grit and just as  

Available in 25kg bags, 1 ton bags, pallets of 40 x 25kg bags or loose in 28 or  
30 tonne loads. Low single bag prices or pallet/ton quantities.

Free delivery - minimum order quantity may apply depending on location

White Salt Ice Melt  /  Clean White Salt

Rock Salt Grit
De icing salts and non salt de-icer


There are 2 products in this range


This 'non-salt' de-icer is a blended formulation of Urea and Calcium Chloride  
flake which is less corrosive to metals and concrete than any of our other de-
icing products. It has a low ice melting point effective to around -25oC  
(approximate figure between -12 and -45).  

Available in 25kg drums. Low single unit prices or pallet quantities (32 drums).
Free delivery - minimum order quantity may apply depending on location


This 'non-salt' ice melt is a Calcium Chloride flake formulation exothermic de-
icer. It is safer to use around vegetation than salt de-icers. It is less corrosive  
and safer for use on concrete containing rebar and around steel structures.  
This is one of the preferred ice melters for airports. It melts ice and snow  
approximately 6 times faster than regular salt and has an ice melting point  
effective range as low as -45oC.

Available in 25kg bags. Low single unit prices or pallet (40 bags, 1 ton)  
Free delivery - minimum order quantity may apply depending on location

Non-Salt Ice Melt  /  Synthetic Ice Melt  /  Chemical Ice Melt  / 
Magic Ice Thaw

Advice on dealing with severe snow
Advice in dealing with severe snow conditions
Rock Salt Grit
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200 Litre grit bin, roadside salt box, kerbside salt bin

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As with all de-icing products you need to carry out your own risk assessments. All de-icing products can have  
negative effects on concrete, tarmac, metals, plants, animals and humans. Some de-icing products have a less  
damaging effect but you still need to read the COSHH and MSDS information provided and make your own decisions  
as to which product is best for you, which delivery method is best for application, what protection is needed for  
operatives, storage procedures, the level of acceptable corrosion etc.

Read notes on de-icers : http://www.environment-agency.gov.uk/static/documents/Business/PPTI_De_Icer.pdf
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