Germ & Infection Control

Germ Control Products, Infection Control Products

Good Hygiene practices are essential in the
prevention of contamination.
The first line of defence is effective hand-cleaning
and cleaning of utensils.

The law states that there should be separate
hand-washing sinks available in all premises.
These should be accompanied with a dispenser for
an anti-bacterial soap (bars of soap are not
permitted) and drying facilities, with a disposable

We also recommend a hand-sanitising gel. This
alcohol based cleanser sterilises the hands so as
to remove bacteria from visibly clean hands.

The Germazap Air Steriliser is designed for
kitchens to eliminate air-borne and surface
resident bacteria, eliminating build up, and
reducing residual kitchen odours.
Air Sterilisers - Germ Control Air Sterilisers - Germ Control
Automatic no-touch sensor dispensers Automatic no-touch sensor dispensers
knife sterilisation cabinet - oxicabinet knife sterilisation cabinet - oxicabinet

Food Safety, Kitchen Hygiene, Germ Control

Germazap Air Steriliser

Air purification system, proven to destroy pathogens and
food-tainting bacteria. Helps ensure a germ-free environment
as part of your regular cleaning procedures. The activated
oxygen gets to places normal cleaning chemicals cannot, and
leaves no residues, only oxygen.
Knife & Utensil Steriliser

Sterilises and disinfects knives and utensils using highly
efficient UV irradiation. Cabinets available to hold from 10 to
30 knives.
Hand Sanitising

Alcohol gel and foam hand sanitisers are used in many
industries for hand cleansing to remove germs and bacteria
when hands are visibly clean, wherever soap and water is not
available or for an extra measure of cleanliness.
Automatic Dispensers

Sensor-operated dispensers are used to eliminate hand
contact with dispensers reducing the risk of cross-

Available for liquid hand soap, alcohol hand sanitisers and
paper towels.
Odour removal

For odours emanating from the kitchen and cooking areas
For air extractor fans - removal of odour annoyance
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